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As one of the leading Halal processors and suppliers in the GTA, AAFI is dedicated to delivering exceptional Hand-Slaughtered Halal meat products. Our meat is processed with care through the traditional and authentic way of Halal i.e. Hand-Slaughtering (Zabeeha) method, ensuring the highest standards of quality and adherence to religious and cultural values.

Our commitment to excellence ensures we meet the varied needs of retailers and consumers alike. Discover the AAFI advantage – where authenticity powers quality and excellence.

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Al-Ahad Foods is a premier wholesaler of Hand-Slaughtered Halal meat products, including Chicken, Quails, Turkey, Ducks, Cornish Hens, and more. Based in Toronto, Ontario we have been proudly serving restaurants, retail outlets, and consumers for many years.

Our company is Halal Certified by HMA (Halal Monitoring Authority), and all our products are hand-slaughtered Halal. We take it as an honour, in providing our customers with the highest quality Halal poultry & meat products available on the market today.

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Why Choose Al-Ahad Foods?

We only supply top-quality 100% Halal meat

At Al-Ahad Foods, we supply top-quality, 100% Halal meat because we adhere strictly to Halal certification standards. All our products are hand-slaughtered in accordance with Islamic guidelines and are certified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA).

All of our Halal products are Hand-Slaughtered

We believe that Halal by hand is the most humane method of slaughtering poultry and all of our products that come in and goes out of our facilities are 100% Hand-Slaughtered (Zabeeha) Halal. 


Ethical and Humane Treatment

Hand-Slaughtering Halal ensures that animals are treated with respect and care throughout the process. It aligns with ethical guidelines that emphasize the humane treatment of animals.


Higher Quality Meat

The Hand-Slaughtering Halal process results in better meat quality. The careful handling and thorough draining of blood contribute to a cleaner and fresher product. 


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100% halal – “Hand-Slaughtered Halal”

About OUR Halal POULtry & MEAT

At Al-Ahad Foods, we are committed to providing the highest quality Halal Hand-Slaughtered poultry and meat, ensuring that our products meet both ethical standards and religious guidelines. Experience the benefits of hand-slaughtered Halal meat with Al-Ahad Foods.

We are a Canadian Muslim operated business, and have more than a decade of Halal Foot print in the market and community as a 100% Halal poultry and meat supplier- CONSUMERS TRUST US!

We have one of the strictest and best HALAL MONITORED HAND-SLAUGHTER process that is accepted & consumed by Muslims and Canadians of all faiths and beliefs.




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Benefits of Eating Halal Meat

Eating Halal is important for several reasons, primarily related to religious, ethical, and health considerations:

Ethical Treatment of Animals:
Halal guidelines emphasize the humane treatment of animals.

       Animal Welfare:          Halal guideline also emphasize that the animal must be healthy at the time of slaughter, and the process involves minimizing the animal’s suffering

Hygiene and Cleanliness:    The emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene throughout the Halal certification process helps ensure that the food is safe and clean.

        Halal implies Quality:        Halal certification involves rigorous inspections and quality control measures

         Halal Tastes Better:           Halal poultry and meat is delicious and flavorful

How to Choose Halal Poultry & Meat

Choosing authentic Halal involves; a) ensuring the products are certified by a THIRD PARTY reputable Halal Certifying organizations like the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA), which guarantees adherence to Islamic dietary laws and rigorous end-to-end inspections throughout the supply chain; b) choose reputable suppliers committed to 100% Halal with a proven track record of serving the Muslim community; c) choose Al-Ahad Foods; as a leading 100% Halal poultry & meat supplier in Toronto, we ONLY sell Hand-Slaughtered Halal certified products, ensuring high standards and consumer confidence for their Halal choices.

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Our Process

Halal monitored & Halal certified
To ensure the highest standards of Halal compliance, Al-Ahad Foods is Halal certified by HMA (Halal Monitoring Authority) and thus follows HMA’s monitoring plans, procedures and processes. This plan covers the entire supply chain, from the source to the final point of sale, providing consumers with confidence in their Halal choices. The procedure adopted by HMA involves the following steps:
1. Inspection of Poultry, Meat, and Other Products: From the initial source through to the point of being slaughtered, HMA ensures that all processes are compliant with Halal standards.
2. Packaging and Delivery: HMA monitors the packaging and delivery processes to maintain Halal integrity up to the point of sale.
3. Labelling & Certification: Products that meet HMA’s rigorous standards are labeled and certified, assisting consumers in making informed Halal choices.
After we’ve selected the best birds, we work with a team of professional transporters to get the chicken to our slaughterhouse. We make sure that the chickens are treated humanely and with care every step of the way.
After the birds arrive at our slaughterhouse, we follow Islamic rites to ensure they are properly and humanely slaughtered. First, we say a prayer asking for Allah’s blessing. Next, we cut the bird’s throat using a special razor-sharp knife. Once the bird is dead, we remove the feathers and send it off to be butchered.
After the bird is slaughtered, our team of experienced butchers removes the meat from the carcass. We take great care to remove all of the organs and blood from the meat so that it is safe for human consumption. The butchering process is overseen by a trained Muslim who ensures that everything is done following all Islamic laws.
Once the meat has been butchered, it is sent to our packaging department where it is weighed and packaged according to customer specifications. We offer a variety of packaging options to choose from including bulk boxes, vacuum-sealed bags, and more.